Application Deadlines

August and January Admissions

Applications are due by March 1 to begin in August and October 1 to begin in January. All applications must be submitted by 5pm of the date listed above. An application received after 5pm will be deemed ineligible. If the 1st is on a Saturday or Sunday, the deadline will be 5pm the Friday before.

We do not suggest mailing your application, but if you choose to, here is the address:

USCA School of Nursing
471 University Parkway
Aiken, SC 29801


You MUST be accepted to USC Aiken first. This should be done 8 weeks prior to the application deadline. If you apply after that there is no guarantee that your USC Aiken application will be complete or that your transcripts will be evaluated by the nursing application deadline. If you have not been accepted or your transcripts evaluated by the deadline your application will not be considered.

Core GPA

In order to apply, your CORE GPA (for core courses) must be a 3.0 or higher. You must calculate all grades if any course was repeated. Grades that are 10 years or older and have been repeated may be left off the application.

All general education courses must be completed with a "C" or better.

Grading for AP, IB and CLEP:

AP: 5=A; 4=B+; 3=B

IB: 7=A; 6=B+; 4=B

CLEP: Successful score: A

Students applying under the 16/2 Internal Forgiveness Policy must include a Special Consideration. This will be discussed with Ms. Simmons during advisement.

Prerequisite Core Courses

All prerequisite core courses must be complete at the time of application: NO EXCEPTIONS. If you are a transfer student, each required course must have been evaluated and show in the USC Aiken system.

Thirty (30) Prerequisite Hours: the nine courses must be completed and the final grade submitted at the time of application.  If you are currently taking even one of these courses your application is incomplete and will NOT be considered by the admissions committee. You may use the grade for one of the following: EDPY 330, PSYC 310 or STAT 201. However, PSYC 310 or EDPY 330 AND STAT 201 MUST be complete before beginning clinical nursing.

Microbiology is required prior to beginning nursing courses.  You must either have taken it or currently be taking it at the time of application.  The ONLY exception is August admission applicants who can be taking it in the summer.  You must earn a "C" or better. If you receive below a "C", your acceptance will be withdrawn and you must reapply.


References must be received by 5pm either March 1 or October 1. Both references MUST come from a professor who had you in one of the *core courses (those listed on the application). If the 1st is a Saturday or Sunday the reference must be received by 5pm the Friday before. If postmarked by the deadline but received in the mail after the 5pm deadline the application will be invalidated.

Two references are required using the USC Aiken SON Reference form available online. Both references MUST be college-level academic and MUST be from a professor who taught you in a *core course (those listed on the application), traditional or online. We will not accept references from family, friends, family friends, employers, coworkers, or advisors. 

We accept only two references. If you send more than two, the first to arrive will be put in your file. Any others will be shredded.

References can be mailed or submitted in sealed envelopes: both must have the reference’s signature over the seal or it should be faxed by the individual filling out the reference: 803-641-3725. References may arrive prior to your application. Be sure to sign the reference form waiver. (By signing the Waiver you are affirming that you have not touched or seen the form once you give it to the individual filling it out.) Application files missing one or both references or if one or neither are college level professors, the application will be invalidated. The SON will not contact you if your file is missing a reference. We accept only the first two references. If you send more they will be shredded.

Download Reference Form

Transfer Students

You must be fully accepted to USC Aiken by the application deadline.  It is crucial that transfer students apply to the university at least 6 to 8 weeks prior to the deadline.

If you have not been fully accepted to USC Aiken or if your coursework has not been completely evaluated by the USCA Records office by the School of Nursing application deadline, your application will not be considered. 

The School of Nursing is not able to expedite the acceptance and transfer process, so it is essential for you to have your application and transfer process completed in time to allow full evaluation.

USC system students must do a change of a campus for the semester they will begin nursing courses, allowing enough time to have their transcript/s evaluated. Students from schools outside the USC system must include a copy of your USC Aiken Acceptance Letter.

Transcript Evaluations

It is the applicant’s responsibility to be sure all transcripts have been received and entered in the USC Aiken system and that all transfer courses are fulfilling USC Aiken School of Nursing requirements.

If you are a transfer student who wishes to have your transcript evaluated prior to applying, please email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or fax (803-641-3725) a copy of your unofficial transcripts. If you fax, be sure to include your email address on the cover sheet. There are no evaluations in February/March and September/October.

All transfer students must email or fax their unofficial transcripts prior to making an appointment. Once the transcripts are received, you will be emailed an evaluation.

Due to the number of USC Aiken nursing advisees, Ms. Simmons cannot meet with transfer walk-ins interested in the Generic 4 year program.

Reminder: There will be no transcript evaluations during the months of February/March and September/October.

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Incomplete Applications

Your application will not be considered by the USC Aiken School of Nursing Admissions Committee if any of the following apply :

  • Application form is incomplete
  • Any required core coursework is missing or if any core coursework is currently in progress
  • Incomplete references or if one or both references are missing or from someone other than a college professor
  • Question guidelines were not followed correctly. Do NOT type out the questions. Just number them 1 through 3. The 3 questions are to be answered on one page.

If your application file is incomplete, you will not be notified. You may call the Nursing Office to check on your file: 803-641-3507.

If you need the information in an alternative format, or for questions concerning the application process, please refer to the website's BSN Application Guidelines first. If you do not find the information, you will need to contact Kathy Simmons at 803-641-3392 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Upon acceptance to the BSN Generic Nursing Program, a background check and drug screen will be required.

Questions About the Application?

If you have any questions or concerns about any of the above topics or other issues related to the admissions process for USCA School of Nursing, please do not hesitate to email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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