USC Aiken School of Nursing Essay Questions

1. Explain why you would be the best candidate for the USC Aiken nursing program.

2. If you see a classmate cheating, what would you do?

3. You find yourself not passing a course at midterm, what actions would you take?

• Do not write out the questions. Just number them one through three.

• Time New Roman, 12 font, one inch margins, single spaced.

• The three questions should be answered on one page.

• At the very bottom, print your name, then sign under or next to your name.

• Be sure to include the date. Name and date are required. The essays will be evaluated using the following criteria: spelling and grammar; organization (including unity coherence, transitions, and clarity); language and style (clarity and proper usage of vocabulary/diction, syntax); grammar and mechanics (grammar, agreement, punctuation, and spelling).