The quad in front of H&SS

Areas of Rescue Assistance

Department of Operations

The Areas of Rescue Assistance (ARAs) are designated locations on the second floors of all multi-storied building on campus for people requiring assistance in an evacuation. In the event of an evacuation, anyone needing assistance should move to one of these areas and await help from emergency personnel. All areas are marked with the appropriate signage.

Building Location
Administration Building Top of North & South stairwell
B&E Top of North & South stairwell, Gym
Gregg-Graniteville Library East stairwell by elevator
  South stairwell by Seminar Room
H&SS Top of North & South stairwell
Science 1st Floor, West entrance
  2nd Floor, West entrance
RPSEC 2nd Floor, top of the North & West stairwells
  3rd Floor, top of the North & West stairwell
Wellness Center Bottom of East & West stairwells