The quad in front of H&SS

Recently Completed Projects

Department of Operations

  • Convocation Center Roof Replacement
    Convocation Center Roof Replacement
  • Tankless Water Heaters in Pacer Downs
    Tankless Water Heaters in Pacer Downs
  • Quad Landscaping Improvements
    Quad Landscaping Improvements
  • Natatorium Salt Chlorinator
    Natatorium Salt Chlorinator
  • Natatorium Pool Heater
    Natatorium Pool Heater
  • Interior Upgrades to the Station
    Interior Upgrades to the Station
  1. Convocation Center Roof replacement: New 20 year bitumen roof
  2. Pacer Downs tank-less hot water heater: "Endless" hot water while also reducing energy costs
  3. Quad Landscaping Improvements: removal of old/dead trees and bushes, replaced with new ornamental trees, bushes, flowers and grass
  4. Natatorium salt chlorinator: New system to provide chlorinated water at and required pH and chlorine levels
  5. Natatorium high efficiency pool heater: natural gas heater for the pool
  6. The Station interior upgrades: Various upgrades including paint, lighting, kitchen equipment.

Coming Soon

  1. Penland HVAC Renovation
  2. New Maintenance Building
  3. Etheredge Center stage curtain system replacement