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Required COVID-19 Testing for Students

Students living in housing and student-athletes are required to obtain a test at least ten (10) days prior to arrival to campus.

If there is no testing available in the community where you live, students in these categories will be tested when they arrive on campus as soon as possible upon their return.

If tested upon arrival, students will be self-quarantined until test results are available. Until results are in, those students will be required to restrict their activities and wear a face covering at all times while outside of their living quarters. All students living in housing and all student-athletes may be retested soon after arrival before the first class day of the fall semester.

It is critically important that all students, faculty and staff monitor for and report any COVID-19-related symptoms to the Student Health Center by calling 803-641-2840.

See FAQs for Current Students

Important Dates in August

Housing Move In Days August 14 -17
Face to Face Transfer Orientation Morning of August 18
Face to Face Freshmen Orientation  Afternoon of August 18
Virtual Freshmen Convocation Message
(Presented by Dr. Darren Timmons)
August 19
First Day of Classes   August 20
Get on Board Day August 25 and 26 (Quad)
Additional Resources

More information on the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) can be obtained from the following sources :

Student Guide to COVID-19
Guide to COVID-19

See how to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and what to do if you become sick.

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Share your questions, comments and ideas with our campus COVID-19 co-coordinators.