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Hang On, Pandemics End!

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Now, more than ever, we need to come together and encourage one another, reminding one another of HOPE. Share the message of hope via social media, or print it and post it in your home, car, or office windows.

Share the message of hope beyond our campus. Let others know that we are Pacer Proud, Pacer Strong.

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Download the PDF sign to print, post and share

HOPE Barb Johnon

Kudos to Dr. Barbara Johnson, distinguished professor emeritus of sociology, who is sharing Pacer H.O.P.E. in Ohio.

“I wanted to join in the HOPE campaign because I am very concerned about the pandemic and consequences to our society,” she said.

“The pandemic doesn't recognize borders, and I thought the campaign was clever, accurate  (Hang On Pandemics End), and a great conversation starter to help talk about what we can do to stay healthy and safe. 

“HOPE is also encouraging to me when I get discouraged about restrictions in place.”

Dr. Johnson says she has many fond memories of UofSC Aiken:

  • When a research methods student finally had that aha! moment...
  • Working with great colleagues...
  • Mi Rancho before often nail-biting, down to the wire Pacer basketball victories...
  • The enduring relationships with students (“I continue to keep in touch even now”).

She has moved on to a second career in ministry in Ohio near where she grew up.  

“Sociology and ministry complement one another in terms of skills that need to be successful,” Dr. Johnson said.

“My career at USCA was very rewarding in so many ways.  I must admit I sometimes miss the classroom.”

Independence Day HOPE

While celebrating July 4, be sure to share Pacer H.O.P.E. Please send a photo of YOU with a H.O.P.E. sign to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Qourters Family in Hope Shirts

Rising seniors Q'Ladrin and Q'May Qourters spread H.O.P.E along with their mother and grandmother.

Fitchett family in hope shirts

Rising junior Becca Fitchett and her mom, Jodi, are spreading H.O.P.E in Washington state.