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Pacer Tracer

COVID-19 Resources

Pacer Tracer is a website app for checking-in and checking-out of classrooms and community spaces.


In your device’s default browser (Chrome on Android and Safari on iOS), go to

Enter your Pacer Account credentials in the login fields and tap LOGIN:

pacer tracer login


Choose your action from the menu that appears. If you’re entering a room, choose Entrance Scan.  If you’re leaving a room, choose Exit Scan.

pacer tracer scan


When the scanning page loads, you’ll be prompted to allow camera access. Please allow it.

pacer tracer enable camera


When the camera is active, aim the camera at the room’s posted QR code. When a code is successfully scanned, it will display the code in a box.

Once this appears, tap submit to send the code. The menu will reappear once that is successful.

pacer tracer scanned code