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Emerging Media

Palmetto College

Palmetto College’s Bachelor of Arts in Emerging Media is designed to help students become ethical and competent communicators who can use their knowledge of communication to enhance their individual and professional development, improve their personal relationships, and effectively serve their communities.


Students majoring in Emerging Media at USC Aiken will have the skills need to succeed in various career fields.

Students will:

  • Develop strong oral and written communication skills
  • Learn how to work well within a team
  • Gain familiarity with various technologies
  • Learn about both traditional and new forms of communication to be a better communicator in relationships, on teams, at work, and through social media.

Why a Bachelor's Degree in Emerging Media?

Through a bachelor's degree in emerging media, students learn the practical application of the theory and art of communication. Through coursework that focuses on visual, multimedia, written, spoken and interpersonal communication, students are well-prepared for the competitive job market. Graduates can enter into fields such as sales, marketing, media, customer relations, public relations, law, and health care.

Eligibility & Requirements


Total Credit Hours Earned


Overall GPA

Following Courses Completed

  • Composition
  • Composition and Literature
  • Public Speaking or Interpersonal Communication
  • Natural Science with a Lab
  • Two Social/Behavioral Science courses
  • Humanities course
  • World Civilization
  • American Government or American History

Students who have not completed these requirements can do so at any of our Palmetto College campuses statewide, or at any technical college. To find out if you are qualified to apply for this program, please contact a Palmetto College advisor.

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Hours Required 120 hrs
GPA Required 2.0

Program Length

If you're a full-time student, the program should take about 2 years -- the same as if you were attending class in-person. If you work, you may need to take a lighter course load.

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