Student Services on Campus

What resources are available on campus to help students succeed?

USC Aiken strives to help students be their best. You will find some of the many services USC Aiken offers below.

Academic Support Courses

There are two classes designed specifically to academically support freshmen. One is entitled Strategies for Academic Achievement and the other is titled Emerging Leaders. Both are excellent courses that assist students with the transition issues they face.

Center for Student Achievement

Students can receive FREE assistance in the development of a meaningful educational plan compatible with their life goals. Students are assigned an advisor based on their choice of academic interest. We require advisement of all degree-seeking students and encourage them to establish a good relationship with their academic advisor.

Career Services Office

A place students go to get FREE assistance with choosing a career, career planning, experiential learning, and the job search. It is never too early to start the process, so you might want to encourage a visit to this office.

Computer Services

A place for students to go to get their own email account.  This will provide you an inexpensive way to stay in touch all year long. We have computer rooms in every academic building.  Students have access to our computer rooms 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Students spend a great deal of time in our computer labs writing their papers and "chatting" with friends.

Counseling Center

This is the place students should visit to seek FREE help with any personal issues with which they might be struggling. Homesickness, roommate issues, time management, stress management, study skills, organizing, note-taking, and test-taking skills are just a few of the issues this center tackles. The Coordinator of Disability Services is connected to this center, so students with a learning disability will want to seek help here.

Gregg-Graniteville Library

Our 142,000 book collection; 20,000 microform collection; 1,564 periodical and newspaper collection, and Internet access provide excellent resources and research opportunities for students. Hopefully, if you can't find them at home, you'll find them at the Library. 

International Programs

Whether an international student or a US citizen who wants to participate in an exchange program; internships, study abroad, or international volunteer work; this is the area to explore.

Math Lab

This is the place for students to go if they are having trouble with their Math class. They can get help from either a peer tutor or a faculty member.  You're right, it is a FREE service.

International Programs

This office seeks to provide a warm and welcoming environment and support services to international students. Through this office students are encouraged to reach out to others and give back to the community.


Tutoring is available on an individual basis to students experiencing difficulty in a specific area. Students may request this service or be referred by faculty. We do not charge students for tutoring. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for this service. 

Writing Room

This is the place for students to go if they are having trouble with their writing assignments regardless of the subject. They can get help from either a peer tutor or a faculty member.  It's true; this is also a FREE service

USC Aiken Bookstore

This is where students go to buy their books.  Our Bookstore is owned and operated by the University.  This is good for you because any money made by the Bookstore that is not used to cover overhead is given to the general scholarship fund.