USC Aiken has three beautiful residential facilities for students, freshmen through senior year: 

  • Pacer Crossings
  • Pacer Commons
  • Pacer Downs

Most freshmen live in Pacer Crossings, a combination of some freshmen and upper classmen live in Pacer Commons, and upperclassmen live in Pacer Downs. 

On-campus living permits a student to immerse him/herself in the college experience.  They learn how to live with and near others who bring new and enriching experiences to their world.  Living on-campus also affords students an opportunity to become more independent and is a great transition to independent living after graduation.

Beginning in fall, 2018, freshmen housing is required with few exceptions.

Learn more about the freshman housing requirement

Mailing your student a letter or a package (students love getting mail and/or gifts from home!) is simple.   Make sure that you have the student’s full name and appropriate residence hall and suite, apartment or bedroom letter on the envelope. 

When necessary, staff will email residents that they have a special delivery at the office area.

Learn more about housing and mailing addresses