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Merit Pages for Student Profiles

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At USC Aiken we educate and develop skilled students. We also show students how to market themselves locally, nationally, and globally. A primary USC Aiken marketing platform is a verified online profile called Merit Pages.  

Student accomplishments, like making the Dean’s List, is automatically added to their Merit page. Merit information is sent to their hometown's media outlets and select state representatives. Students can add jobs and volunteer work to their individual Merit pages and create great profile for potential employers. Please encourage your student to update his/her Merit page regularly!

What is Merit and how does it benefit students?

USC Aiken uses Merit to celebrate student accomplishments. USC Aiken turns those achievements into a Merit page—a verified online profile—for every one of our students. These pages are automatically updated when you win awards, are elected to honor societies, study abroad, and more. All student achievement stories will be published on our institutional Merit page. Through Merit, we’ll also share these accomplishments with the student's hometown media outlets, their family (if they choose), and their high school.

We also use Merit to promote activities and news. 

How are student Merit pages updated?

USC Aiken creates and updates all student Merit pages; no work is required of students. However, we hope students will want to customize their Merit page URL, by adding a profile photo, bio, and other activities and work experience.

How can students use their Merit pages?

Merit is a verified showcase of student accomplishments and a powerful way to show employers the success, skills, and expertise they have gained at USC Aiken. They may include their Merit page URL on their resume and share it with potential employers or graduate admissions counselors. They can also connect their Merit page to social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to share their accomplishments with friends and family.

How can I submit a student achievement for consideration?

Faculty, staff and others can submit news about student accomplishments via an online form. University Communications may reach out for further information as needed.

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Who can I contact for more information about Merit?

Contact the Marketing and Communication team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions. Additional information can also be found at