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AENR 108

Policies and Procedures


AENR 108


Enrollment Services


Computer Access to Student Records


May 19, 2010

Issued by:


Authorized by:

Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Services



 I. Policy

It is the policy of the University of South Carolina Aiken to require all users of a password granting them access to the information Management System (IMS), the data base containing student records information, to sign a confidentiality agreement at the time the access is initially granted to insure that the user understands all federal laws and regulations as well as University policies that pertain to that information. During training, these federal and campus policies will be discussed. Both sets of regulations are listed on the confidentiality agreement and accompanying memo and will be explained by the Registrar or a representative of that staff prior to signing the agreement. Failure to maintain the confidentiality of such records and to observe all regulations concerning them will subject the user to reprimand or other action which may be deemed appropriate according to the severity of the violation.

II. Procedure

To obtain initial access to such screens, an employee's supervisor should submit a written request to the Office of the Registrar documenting why that access is needed. In cases where access to Admissions or Financial Aid information is needed, the respective department head would contact the appropriate programmer or data steward at USC Columbia for the additional access.

III.  Related Policies

IV.  Reason for Revision