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Policies and Procedures

Number: AFCMN 108
Section: Facilities Management
Subject: Driver Safety/Training Program and Policy
Revision Date: March 15, 2010
Issued by: Senior University Facilities Executive
Authorized by: Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance/CFO



The University of South Carolina Aiken (USC Aiken) recognizes that the conduct of official university business sometimes requires the use of a university owned or sponsored vehicle. The university therefore has elected to maintain a small fleet of vehicles including cars and vans for the use of faculty, staff, and students. USC Aiken faculty, staff and students may also choose to rent vehicles from outside sources when university vehicles are not available.

A driver training/safety program has been developed to assure that drivers of University owned or sponsored vehicles are adequately prepared for their driving responsibilities. The program is mandatory for all faculty, staff, students and volunteers who drive University owned or sponsored vehicles.

The primary goals of the USC Aiken Driver Safety/Training Program are:

  1. To select drivers who have satisfactory driving records,
  2. To acquaint drivers with safe driving and vehicle handling tips,
  3. To familiarize drivers with procedures to follow in the event of emergency situations (i.e. vehicle problems, accidents), and
  4. To encourage drivers to take personal responsibility for the care and operation of university owned or sponsored vehicles and to operate said vehicles in a safe, courteous and responsible manner.


University owned vehicle:

Any vehicle that has a certificate of title registered to the University of South Carolina Aiken.

University sponsored vehicle:

Any vehicle that is rented, leased or otherwise used by USC Aiken for a legitimate purpose. Use of a personal vehicle for which mileage is reimbursed is not considered a "sponsored" vehicle within this policy.

Approved Driver:

Any faculty member, staff member or student who is employed by the university or is currently registered as a student at USC Aiken or anyone who has volunteered to drive a USC Aiken owned or sponsored vehicle and has complied with the requirements of this program. Approved drivers for cars, trucks, and mini-buses must be at least eighteen years of age. Drivers of 15-passenger vans must be at least twenty-one years of age.

Motor vehicle Record (MVR):

A certified copy of the operator's state driving record for at least the past three years. This record should be obtained by the individual from the state that has issued the individual's driver's license. 

This program includes and is mandatory for all faculty, staff or students (with valid ID card and driver's license) including volunteers who are requesting or required to use a USC Aiken owned or sponsored vehicle for the conduct of official USC Aiken business. Each driver who has been approved to drive a USC Aiken owned or sponsored vehicle will be required to be recertified as an approved driver every three years. Drivers covered by this program include, but may not be limited to:

Incidental Drivers: Individuals whose job classification or other duties incidental to the mission of the university may require the occasional use of a vehicle.

Regular Drivers: Individuals who regularly spend a majority of their employed or university related duties as the operator of a university owned or sponsored vehicle.

Volunteers: Persons who may be employed by USC Aiken on a full or part-time basis, students or other persons (including faculty or staff) who may volunteer (without compensation) to drive a USC Aiken owned or sponsored vehicle for the conduct of official university business. 

Prior to or while operating a university owned or sponsored vehicle, the driver is responsible for:

  • Completing a "Request for Authorization as a USCA Vehicle Operator" form and submitting the form to the USCA Operations Department.
  • Submitting a copy of their motor vehicle record as specified in Section II to the Operations Department.
  • Successfully completing the USC Aiken Driver Safety/Training program as further outlined under Section V. DRIVER SAFETY/TRAINING PROGRAM.
  • Operating their assigned vehicle in accordance with all university, local, state and federal rules and regulations.
  • Checking their assigned vehicle prior to each use or trip for any visible signs of a problem or potential problems e.g.: tires, windows, seatbelts, leakage of fluids, lights, turn signals, wipers, etc. Any noticeable problems should be reported to Operations before proceeding with use of the vehicle (If vehicle is to be picked up on a weekend, any problems will be reported to USCA Public Safety who will contact Operations in the event of a major problem.);
  • Having in their possession a valid driver's license and any additional printed material as appropriate to the particular vehicle being used;
  • Walking around vehicle to insure no obstruction is in the forward or backward path of the vehicle;
  • Adjusting mirrors, seats and other interior items as appropriate;
  • Securing seat belt and making sure that all other occupants have secured their seat belts before starting vehicle;
  • Checking traffic flow of vehicles and pedestrians that may interfere with driving/backing vehicle;
  • Driving vehicle with headlights turned on;
  • Sounding horn (two short blasts) when backing up;
  • Exiting a vehicle only after the engine is turned off and the ignition key has been removed;
  • Refueling a vehicle only when the engine is turned off and the ignition key has been removed;
  • Ensuring that the vehicle is locked if it is to be left unattended;
  • Promptly and accurately submitting all vehicle/trip reports as required;
  • Immediately notifying USC Aiken Public Safety of any accident that results in injury to any passengers or renders the vehicle inoperable. Public Safety will then notify other appropriate parties.
  • Upon return to campus, the driver will be responsible for completing and submitting the accident report form provided by the Operations Department documenting any accidents, traffic violations, or vehicle damage (if applicable). 


The Driver Safety /Training Program shall consist of a fleet user orientation session which includes a van driver safety video for van drivers. This session will inform participants about safe driving and vehicle handling matters and will also provide them with information about procedures to follow in emergency situations (vehicle breakdown, accidents, etc.).

An additional session, including a brief practicum designed to demonstrate safe vehicle handling, shall be required for all drivers of University vans and mini-buses.   

Completing the van driver program will authorize a driver to drive both vans and sedans; completing the fleet orientation session will authorize a driver to drive sedans only.

Upon completion of the initial training programs, all participants will sign a form certifying they have completed the appropriate program and agreeing to abide by all stipulations of this policy.

Training programs will be offered several times each semester. Faculty and staff members are encouraged to complete training requirements well in advance of their scheduled trips to assure compliance with this policy. Faculty and staff members who utilize students to drive vehicles should make every effort to identify student drivers well in advance of their trips so that the students have ample opportunity to complete the training program.

At three year intervals, authorized drivers will be prompted to review safety materials including but not limited to the USCA vehicle use policy, roadside assistance program, and safe driving tips (e.g. defensive driving, road rage avoidance, foul weather driving and precautions for safe vehicle handling).   Drivers must maintain an acceptable driving record, and acknowledge review of these materials every three years to retain certification as a University driver.


The USC Aiken Operations Department in conjunction with USC Aiken Public Safety and the USC Aiken Office of Risk Management will be responsible for the implementation of this program and maintaining all appropriate records.

  • The Environmental Health and Safety Manger will develop and conduct the Driver Safety Training Program in cooperation with University Police.
  • The Operations Department will maintain all records related to the driver authorization process and will assure that all drivers have been approved before they are permitted to drive University vehicles.

Faculty and staff members who drive University sponsored (leased) vehicles will be responsible for assuring that they and any other drivers that they utilize have completed all requirements stated in this policy and are duly authorized drivers.