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AIT 113

Policies and Procedures

Number: AIT 113
Section: Information Technology


Support for USCA Retirees


February 1, 2013
Authorized by: Vice Chancellor for Information Technology/CIO
Issued by: Vice Chancellor for Information Technology/CIO

I. Policy

This policy defines the support and services the University of South Carolina Aiken’s Computer Services Division provides to University retirees.


1. CSD is an acronym for Computer Services Division.

2. In this document retiree refers to any faculty or staff member who is no longer employed full-time at USC Aiken and left employment in good standing with the University.


A. All retirees will be allowed to retain their computer network and e-mail access. Retirees must notify USC Aiken Computer Services Division (CSD) in writing of their desire to maintain their e-mail and network accounts upon their retirement. E-mail and network accounts will remain active for one year, at which time retirees must re-notify CSD in writing of their desire to keep the accounts active.

B. Because of its limited staff size and resources, CSD will only provide support and services to retirees with an assigned, on-campus office.

C. CSD will only assist retirees with and provide support for university-related projects.

D. CSD assistance with retiree projects will be provided only when that assistance does not interfere with or diminish the day-to-day support it provides to current faculty, staff and students.

E. Retiree e-mail boxes will be limited to 250 megabytes.

F. Retirees will be limited to a total of five gigabytes of file or web server storage space.

G. Retires must adhere to the USC system policies for Acceptable Use of Information Technology (IT 1.06) and regarding Information Security (IT 3.00).