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ALIB 101


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Cell Phone, Electronic Devices Policy


July 2006

Reviewed on:


Issued by:

Director of the Library

Authorized by:

Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

 I. Policy

The Cell Phone Use Policy is to assist staff and students who encounter the inappropriate or inconsiderate use of cell phones and other electronic devices (VOIP, Pagers, etc.). This policy may be cited if the use is disruptive to users or employees of the library.

  • Upon entering the library, cell phones, pagers, and similar electronic devices should be set to silent, no ring, or vibrate.
  • When answering or initiating a call, persons should restrict calls to the foyer of the building. No phone use is permitted inside the building except in the foyer.
  • There is no restriction on text messaging and library staff may suggest text messaging as an alternative to voice messages.

II. Procedure

If another user complains about cell phone use or use of another device, the library staff is authorized to request that the patron discontinue the disruptive behavior or leave the building.

Approved by 
JHT 7/06 
SO 8/06 
MG 8/06