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Policies and Procedures


Number:  ASTAF  108
Section: Student Services Policies
Subject: Mandatory Health Insurance Requirement for International Students
Issued by: Vice Chancellor for Student Life and Services
Authorized by: Director of International Programs        



International students in F-1 student non-immigrant status registered for classes at USC Aiken are required to have health insurance coverage that meets or exceeds certain campus standards as defined by the International Programs Office as acceptable insurance coverage for international students.


International (F-1) students will be informed about the mandatory health insurance requirement upon admission to USC Aiken.  The International Programs Office will provide this information in writing together with standard arrival information sent to new, incoming international students.

Each semester, the Business Services Office will add the cost of health insurance to the accounts of all enrolled international students.  This cost will be based on the minimal coverage as defined in the plan offered by the University contracted provider.  Students may either pay this insurance charge or provide proof of alternative coverage.

International students who would like to "opt out" of the contracted insurance coverage must show evidence of comparable or better health insurance coverage by another provider.  The information on alternate health insurance will be provided to the International Programs Office during the first week of classes.  If this alternate plan is approved, the posted charges will be removed from the student's account.

Failure to pay the posted insurance charge or to provide proof of alternative coverage will result in the cancellation of the student's classes.  In addition, a hold will be placed on the student's record which will prohibit further enrollment at USC Aiken.  The student will be able to enroll again only after providing the necessary proof of insurance coverage to the International Programs Office.

Note for Student Athletes:   International student athletes (in F-1 immigration status) should also note that the USC Aiken Athletic Department requires all USC Aiken student athletes to carry a primary insurance that offers accident coverage in the state of South Carolina, and that will cover injuries sustained during participation in USC Aiken athletics.  International student athletes should refer to the Student Athlete Handbook for additional information.