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Campus Technology Committee


March 1, 2010

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I.          Policy

a.        Purpose

The Campus Technology Committee (CTC) will exist to engage representatives from across the campus in discussion of practices, programs, policies and plans related to the effective use of technology on this campus.  The group will also be called upon to review issues in technology and to advise the Chief Information Officer (CIO) concerning areas including, but not limited to:  resource allocations, communications, instructional technology, administrative computing, and assistive technology.  The CIO will make recommendations to the Chancellor for action as required. 

b.        Membership

The CTC will be comprised of members from each of the following categories:

Membership by Position:

                        Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

                       Vice Chancellor for Business & Finance (or designee)    

                        Assistant Chancellor for Facilities    

                        Director of the Library (or designee)

                        Chair, Faculty Assembly (or designee)

                        Chair, Classified Employees Assembly (or designee)

                        President, Student Government Association (or designee)

Chief Information Officer (ex officio)

Appointments by Chancellor (from nominations by unit heads):

1 representative from each college and school
(with 1 from this group representing a unit head)

 1 representative each from: 

Enrollment Services 
Student Life and Services 
External Affairs/Advancement & Alumni Relations

II.        Procedure

a. All appointments by the Chancellor will serve terms limited to 3 years.  (In the first year of operation under this model, all appointed members will draw straws to determine who will serve for 1 year, 2 years or three years from this initial appointment.)  A member may serve two full terms or one partial and one full term, and must remain off of the Committee for at least two years before being nominated again.

b. The Chair will be named by the Chancellor from the Committee membership, and will serve no longer than two years during a term of appointment.

c. The Committee will be convened on a schedule agreed upon by the CIO and the Chair.

d. Neither the CIO nor the CTC will be involved in determining appropriate pedagogy or instructional practices beyond matching capabilities with identified needs.

e. In the event that the CTC and CIO do not concur on recommendations, the Chair may elect to submit a minority report to the Chancellor on behalf of the Committee.

f. Annually, the Committee will make a report of its recommendations, concerns and insights to the CIO to be shared with the Chancellor.

III.  Related Policies

IV.   Reason for Revision