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Policies and Procedures Manual

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University Policies are formal policies and procedures at the University of South Carolina Aiken that have campus-wide or system-wide application.

The University uses a standard policy format and a uniform review and approval process for University Policies to improve communication, promote administrative consistency and efficiency, and ensure compliance with pertinent state and federal laws as well as state and regional accreditation requirements. 

Indexed by Administrative Division

AACAF                        Academic Affairs

AADV                          Advancement

ABUSF                        Business and Finance

ACEA                          Classified Employees Assembly

AENR                          Enrollment Services

AFCMN                       Facilities Management

AHR                            Human Resources

AIT                              Information Technology

ALESA                        Law Enforcement & Public Safety

ALIB                           Library Services

ASTAF                        Student Affairs

AUNIV                        University Administration

Academic Affairs

AACAF 100 Faculty Salary Promotional Increases
AACAF 101 Post Tenure Review Salary Increases
AACAF 103 Verification of Student Identity in Distance-delivered Courses and Programs

AADV 104

Scheduling of Campus Facilities


AADV 100 Marketing Services: Advertising, Publicity, Publications, Photography, and Website
AADV 101 Use of the Institutional Name
AADV 102 Letterhead Stationery and Business Cards
AADV 103 Alcohol Policy
AADV 105 University Website

Finance and Administration

ABUSF 100 Printing
ABUSF 101 Mail Services
ABUSF 102  Purchasing
ABUSF 103 Property Accountability
ABUSF 104 Meal Plans for Students in Housing
ABUSF 105 Faculty Salaries Paid from Grant Accounts
ABUSF 106 Grant Indirect Cost fund Retention
ABUSF 107 Catering Policy
ABUSF 108 USC Aiken Bookstore
ABUSF 109 Budget Policies and Procedures
ABUSF 110 Travel
ABUSF 111 Cash Receipting
ABUSF 112 Ticket Sales
ABUSF 113 Delayed Tuition Payment
ABUSF 114 Accounts Receivable Collection Procedure
ABUSF 115 Accounts Receivable/Allowance for Doubtful Accounts/ Write Offs
ABUSF 116 Revolving Fund & Petty Cash
ABUSF 117 Etherredge Center Scheduling Policies
ABUSF 118 Meal Expenses for Search Committees
ABUSF 119 Authority to Approve Contracts  CARF Document

Classified Employees Assembly

ACEA 100 Classified Employees Assembly Bylaws and Constitution
ACEA 101 Classified Employee Enrichment Fund
ACEA 102 Classified Employees of the Year

Enrollment Management

AENR 100 Identification Cards
AENR 101 Student Employment
AENR 102 Academic Scholarship Procedure
AENR 103 Satisfactory Academic Progress
AENR 104 Georgia In-State Tuition Program
AENR 105 Scholarships
AENR 106 Awarding Procedures - 2% Fee Waivers
AENR 107 Special Loan Funds
AENR 108 Computer Access to Student Records
AENR 109 Emergency Loan Policies
AENR 110 Deceased Students
AENR 111 Withdrawal of Students Called to Active Military Duty

Facilities Management

AFCMN 100 Pets on Campus
AFCMN 101 University Vehicles
AFCMN 102 Driver Safety/Training Program and Policy
AFCMN 103 Motorized Cart Policy
AFCMN 104 University Keys
AFCMN 105 Operation and Maintenance of Physical Plant
AFCMN 106 Hazardous Materials Policy and Procedures
AFCMN 107 Tobacco Free Campus
AFCMN 108 Driver Safety/Training Program
AFCMN 109 Facilities Access for Physically -Challenged Persons
AFCMN 110 Building Temperature Regulations and Energy Conservation Measures
AFCMN 111 Asbestos Management
AFCMN 112 Operation of Motorized Vehicles on Unpaved Surfaces
Internal Space Management Procedures

Human Resources

AHR 100 Working Hours- Classified
AHR 101 Worker's Compensation
AHR 102 Hiring Procedures
AHR 103 Performance Appraisal for Unclassified Employees
AHR 104 Lactation Support Policy

Information Technology

AIT 102 Computer Classroom Software Installation
AIT 104 Scheduling CSD Computer Labs and Classrooms
AIT 105 Access to Computer Labs/Classrooms
AIT 106 Information Security
AIT 107 Acceptable Use of Information Technology
AIT 108 Student Email Policy
AIT 109 Information Technology Procurement
AIT 110 Information Technology Resource Moves and Checkouts
AIT 111 Cell Phone Stipend Policy
AIT 112 Social Media Policy 
AIT 113 Support for USC Aiken Retirees
AIT 114 Data Access

Law Enforcement and Public Safety

ALESA 100 University Police - Standard Operating Procedures
ALESA 101 University Police - General Shift Responsibilities
ALESA 102 University Police - Emergency Telephone, After Hours Building Access and Escorts
ALESA 103 University Police - Emergency Procedures/Safety

Library Services

ALIB 100 Gregg-Graniteville Library - General
ALIB 101 Cell Phone, Electronic Devices Policy
ALIB 102 Computer Use
ALIB 103 Food and Drink Policy
ALIB 104 Library Acquisition and Selection Policy
ALIB 105 Library - Theft/Mutilation, Lost Books, Indebtedness
ALIB 106 Interlibrary Loans
ALIB 107 Access and Services to Clientele

Student Affairs

ASTAF 101 Student Social Events
ASTAF 102 Student Mental Health Disturbances Disposition
ASTAF 103 Disability Services
ASTAF 104 Use of Alcoholic Beverages on Campus
ASTAF 105 Sexual Assault Policy
ASTAF 106 Solicitation Policy
ASTAF 107 Use of Drugs by Students
ASTAF 108 Mandatory Health Insurance Requirement for International Students
ASTAF 109 Publicity Policy
ASTAF 110 Use of Campus Vehicles by Student Organizations
ASTAF 111 Immunization Policy

University Administration

AUNIV 100 Distribution and Use of Policies and Procedures
AUNIV 101 USC System Policies and Procedures
AUNIV 102 USC Aiken Empowering Documents
AUNIV 103 Campus Budget Committee
AUNIV 104 Chancellor's Administrative Council (Monday Group)
AUNIV 105 Approval Policy for External Funding of Grants and Contracts
AUNIV 106 Campus Technology Committee
AUNIV 107 Strategic Planning Committee