In order to be awarded a bachelor’s degree, students must complete the basic degree requirements listed in the bulletin and specific major requirements. Students seeking a bachelor’s degree in the Department of Psychology must have a grade of C or better in each major course in order for that course to count toward major credit. Courses in which a grade of less than C is made may be repeated. Developmental courses will not count toward the 120-hour requirement for a bachelor’s degree in this department. The basic requirements include the cognate or minor. The cognate is a minimum of 12 hours with grades of C or better of course work which support the major. The cognate must be selected from specific upper-level courses in related areas and must be approved by the student’s advisor. However, it is the student’s responsibility to plan a suitable course of study for his/ her goals and to consult frequently with a major advisor as to the selection of courses. Requirements for a minor are specified within the department offering it. Each student is responsible for ensuring completion of all degree requirements and compilation of records of course work. 

Technological Literacy in Psychology

To meet the requirement of computer competency, Psychology majors are required to successfully complete PSYC 326, Quantitative Analysis Laboratory, and PSYC 328, Method and Design in the Behavioral Sciences.


B.S. Psychology
M.S. Clinical Psychology