Front Entrance of Ruth Patrick Science and Education Center

Advisory Board

Ruth Patrick Science Education Center

Board Members

  • Robert Buckley - Chair
  • Cathy Dzaugus
  • Shunte Dugar
  • Scott Reboul - Vice Chair
  • Julie Revelle
  • Kenneth Cook

Advisory Board Bylaws

Section 1: Purpose

The purpose of the RPSEC Advisory Board is to provide recommendations to the RPSEC staff to improve further the programs and operation of the RPSEC. Recommendations will be made in writing to the Director of the Center within four weeks of an Advisory Board meeting.

Section 2: Membership

2.1 Number: The Advisory Board will have 10 - 15 members

2.2 Composition: The Advisory Board will have 1 to 4 members from each of the following categories. Members may be active, inactive or retired representatives from a particular category.

Faculty- Science or mathematics faculty from P-16 schools,

Administration- School administrators from P-16 schools

Public- Public interested in the RPSEC or planetarium

Technical- Persons from local industries with a technical background

Scientific- Scientists or engineers

2.3 Method of Selection: The Advisory Board will nominate members and make recommendations to the Director of the RPSEC keeping in mind the composition of the Board. This will be done 6 months prior to the expiration of a member’s term. Vacancies on the Board will be filled in the same manner.

2.4 Term: The term of membership is 4 years.

Section 3: Officers

3.1 Officers and Duties: There shall be a Chairman and Vice Chairman selected by the Advisory Board with the concurrence of the Director of the RPSEC. The Chairman will work with the RPSEC Director to set meeting agendas and conduct the meetings. The Vice Chairman will assume the duties of the Chairman in his/her absence.

3.2 Executive Director & Duties: The Executive Director shall be the RPSEC Director or a senior staff member appointed by the RPSEC Director. Duties will include developing agendas, calling and organizing meetings, correspondence with Board members, preparing minutes of meetings and distributing them.

3.3 Membership Duties: Members will make every effort to attend Advisory Board meetings. Members will provide input to or serve on subcommittees such as, Special Events, External Support and Membership. Members will provide input into the selection of special awards such as the Alexander Administrator of the Year Award and the Spirit of Ruth Patrick Award.

Section 4: Meetings

4.1 Frequency: There shall be three Advisory Board Meetings per year. The Chairman may call a special meeting between regularly scheduled meetings.

4.2 Location: All meetings will be held at the RPSEC.

Section 5: Finance

Board members will serve without compensation. Support services will be supplied by the RPSEC.