The Ruth Patrick Science Education Center (RPSEC) houses the following entities:

  • Center of Excellence for the Advancement of Rural, Under-Performing Schools (CEARUPS)
  • Center of Excellence in Educational Technology (CEET)
  • Center of Excellence in Middle-level Interdisciplinary Strategies for Teaching (CE- MIST)
  • SC Solutions in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education (S2TEM)
  • DuPont Planetarium
  • Science and Technology Enrichment Program (STEP)
  • RPSEC Observatory housing the Bechtel Telescope
  • RPSEC Professional Learning
  • RPSEC Student Programs
  • Traveling Science and Mathematics Demonstrations Program (TSMDP)

Ruth Patrick Science Education Staff

Name Email Phone Office
Allen, GloriaInstructor and Coordinator/RPSEC Professional Learning 803-641-3592 RPSEC 203
Cue, BobbyMathematics Specialist/ RPSEC Professional Learning 803-641-3415 RPSEC 207
Dainer, MonicaStudent Program Assistant 803-641-3770 RPSEC 132A
Fickling, KimberlyTeacher (STEP Program Director) 803-641-3769 RPSEC 309
Green, ElizabethDirector of Student Programs 803-641-3631  
Hutchens, JohnDirector of Special Programs 803-641-3474 RPSEC 105A
Johnson, LauraAdministrative Specialist 803-641-3313 RPSEC 101
Johnson, GwenInstructor 803-641-3552 RPSEC 103
Johnson, MaryStudent Programs Specialist 803-641-3250 RPSEC 211
Pierce, KeithDirector Instructional Services 803-641-2838 RPSEC 308
Schepens, KellyStudent Programs Specialist/ Animal Care 803-641-3749 RPSEC 104
Senn, GaryProfessor/Director of RPSEC 803-641-3558 RPSEC 303
Eberhard, BethInstructor, Bridgestone Environmental Education Program (BEEP) 803-641-3749  
Lamar, Krista Student Programs Specialist - BEEP, STEP 803-641-3769  
Roberts, MarkStudent Programs Specialist - RPSEC 803-641-3313