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List of Kits

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Below is a partial alphabetical listing of the Traveling Science and Mathematics Program Kits. A complete listing of kit titles, kit numbers and kit descriptions is also available.

This list excludes STC Kits and FOSS Modules.

STC Kits and FOSS Modules are extremely valuable kits that are designed to meet the needs of teachers and students from Kindergarten to Sixth Grade. Some of the topics are relavent to other grade levels as well and should not be missed, as the kits are quite well developed.

Traveling Interdisciplinary Literacy Trunks CE-MIST: Elementary, 6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade

This is a PARTIAL Listing

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3D Scientific Torso 
Agar Kit
Air & Water
Air Track
Assorted Ball Set
Bacterial Structures Set-Slides
Basic Bacteriology Set-Slides
Basic Biology-Slides
Beginner's Biology Set-Slides
Beginner's Common Things Set-Slides
Bell, Buzzer, and Switch
Biltmore Cruiser Sticks
CBL System
Chemistry Equipment
Circuit Board Demostrator
Clinometer Kit
Colorimeter (CBL)
Compasses (Orienteering)
Cuisenaire for Grade 3
Cuisenaire for Grades 6-8
Current and Voltage Probes (CBL)
Diameter English Tapes
Diameter Metric Tapes
Dinosaur Footprint Casting
Dinosaur Poster and Tracking
Dissecting Kit
Earth, Sun, and Moon
Earthly Interactions
Electrical Circuits II
Electricity Discovery
Electricity Lab
Electricity Measurer Pkg
Energy Kit
Energy Sources
Energy Transfer Kit
Evolution of Dinosaur Teeth
Fiber Optics Kit
Fingerprint Analysis
Force Measurer
Fossils through Time
Franklin's Forecaster
Free Fall/Gravity
FOSS Modules
Geiger Counters-Lunlum Model 2200 
Geiger Counters-Victoreen 496 Portable C
Gel Electrophoresis Kit
Geologic Time Chart Game
Groundwater Simulation System
Hair Analysis Kit
Hand Generator Kit
Heart Rate Monitor
Heat Kit
Helium Laser Kit
Holography Demonstration
Hooke's Law Apparatus
Increment Borer 18"
Inference Boards
Interactions Kit
Intermediate Overhead Calculator
Kitchen Kapers Kit
Know Your Minerals
Life in the Soil-Slides
Light Optics Bench (with edible optics)
Magnetic Field Sensors (CBL)
Magnetic Stirrer and Misc Equipment
Magnetism & Electric Models
Magnetism and Electricity Kit
Magnifying Glasses
Map and Compass Clinic
Marble Mania Kit
Master Forensics Kit
Mechanics of Solids and Liquids
Meteorology Kit
Microphone (CBL)
Motion Detectors (CBL)
Multi-Purpose Cart
Natural Textile Fibers-Slides
Nystrom Physical Science Charts
Ohaus Spring Scales
Perspectives from Space-Posters
pH System (CBL)
Predators-Audio-Visual (Slide Presentation)
Pressure Sensor (CBL)
Protective Goggles
Radioactivity and Half-Life
Rechargeable D Cell Batteries
Relative Humidity Sensors (CBL)
Ringstand and Ring Set
Science Kit
STC Kits
Screen Sieves Kit
SensorNet Kit A-G
Sharks & Dolphins
Silva Ranger Compasses
Simple Machines
Simple Machines Activity Kit
Simple Machine Discovery Kit
Sound Discovery Kit
Sound Kit
Specific Heat Specimens
Start Making Sense Kit
Static Electricity and Van de Graaf Generator
Stream Table Kit
Student Battery Testers
Student Binoculars
Student Dry Cells
Student Microscopes
Student Optics Kit
Superconductivity and Liquid Nitrogen
Telescope-Dobsonian Reflector
Telescope-Skyview Refractor
Telescope-Tasco Telescope Model 675TR
Temperature Probes
This is Your Land-Audio-Visual (Slide Presentation)
TI Viewscreen
TI-80 Calculator Kit A
TI-82 Calculator Kit I
TI-83 Calculator Kit I
TI-83 Viewscreen Calculator
TI-92 Calculator Kit I
Traffic Light Kit
Vertebrate Heart Collection
Video Microscope
Water-Audio-Visual (Slide Presentation)
Weather "Basic Science Inquiry"
Weather Station
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