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RPSEC Environmental Science Award 2008

Ruth Patrick Science Education Center

Congratulations to Matthew T. Usry recipient of the 2008 Ruth Patrick Science and Education Center Environmental Science Award at the 2008 Central Savannah River Area Science and Engineering Fair.

Matthew is a 7th grade student at the CT Walker Magnet School in Richmond County, GA.

2008 Matthew

Title of project

What are the levels of dissolved oxygen (D0), turbidity, and potential of hydrogen (pH) at Butler Creek?

Abstract of project

The purpose of this experiment was to determine what the overall water quality of Butler Creek is by monitoring the dissolved oxygen, pH level, and turbidity.  To measure the responding variable, I went to three different locations of Butler Creek.  On site, and using latex gloves, I collected creek water samples, tested and recorded the collection site's longitude and latitude location, date, time, and air temperature; water temperature, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, and pH levels for each location. I repeated my samples on 10 different dates to conclude an average of the data for my results. The averaged levels for the locations I tested at Butler Creek were: Dissolved Oxygen 4 ppM; pH 6.84; Turbidity 33.84 JTU. My hypothesis agreed with my findings.  Based on the data collected, there were slight variances in the pH and turbidity levels at the three different locations I tested.  Based on the averaged data from the three sample locations, the overall water quality of Butler Creek was satisfactory according to current water quality standards.  However, because of the affect of water temperature, I think the results would vary from my current findings during different seasons of the year.   I would like to expand this project next year by collecting data from other places where I enjoy fishing and comparing the water quality of those locations with my data from this year.