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RPSEC Environmental Science Award 2011

Ruth Patrick Science Education Center

Congratulations to Lauren Tincher & Brianna Crisp, from A.R. Johnson High School, recipients of the 2011 Ruth Patrick Science and Education Center Environmental Science Award.

The 2011 CSRA Regional Science and Engineering Fair was held on March 12, 2011 at USCA. There were nearly 200 projects from CSRA schools displayed at the fair. Each year, the RPSEC presents an environmental science award in honor of Dr. Ruth Patrick. Dr. Patrick pioneered work in the study of fresh water ecosystems and developed methods for measuring the health of these systems.

2011 ThincherCrisp
2011 sampling

Title of Project

"How Does Hydrology Affect Nutrient Levels?"


In our experiment we made three trips to Pendleton King Park in which we took samples from different sites. We tested each of them for e-coli and also built wells that we put in two different areas of the park. In one of the wells was a temperature logger that tracked the temperature levels and showed how underground water would be affected by rain and other anomalies. In the three trips we took to the park, two of them were when it was raining and the other when it was not raining. The purpose of this experiment is to see how our environment is affected by human pollution and how water and nutrient levels attribute to the environment. We predict that hydrology will affect nutrient levels by correcting itself to reduce the amount of harmful bacteria in the park. The ecosystem knows what nutrients it does not need and will try to get rid of anything that may impair the water system. We also believe the storm drain will have the highest colony forming units (cfu’s) of e-coli. In our project we expect to find out how hydrology affects nutrient levels, which site has the highest e-coli count, and base our conclusion on what we researched.