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Family Science Days

Ruth Patrick Science Education Center

The Ruth Patrick Science Education Center is excited to present the all new Family Science Days offering enriching science opportunities for families with elementary and middle level learners in biology, astronomy, environmental science, physical science, geology and more!

Excellent for homeschool families and families looking for something to do on the Fridays of the hybrid school schedule.


October-December - Various Friday and Saturday Dates (see schedule below)




$25 per “family” unit up to 3 people (add up to 2 additional people at $5 each). Maximum of 5 in a “family” unit.

All “family” units must include 1 adult.


May include:

  • Ruth Patrick Science Education Center
  • Dupont Planetarium
  • Audubon’s Silver Bluff Center
  • Bridgestone


Registration closes 48 hours prior to the event.

Register Online for Family Science Days

COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

  • Attendance is limited to a small number of “family” units
  • Masks are required to be worn at all times unless instructed otherwise
  • Reduced interaction and social distancing between “family” units
  • Increased sanitization of materials, facilities and participants
  • Health Screening before each program:
    • Have you or any of the children in your “family” unit had close contact (within 6 feet for at least 15 minutes) in the last 14 days with someone diagnosed with COVID-19, or has any health department or health care provider been in contact with you and advised you to quarantine?
    • Do you or do any of the children in your “family” unit have any of these symptoms? (Fever of 100.4°F, chills, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, new cough, new loss of taste or smell)
    • Since they were last at RPSEC, have you or any of the children in your “family” unit been diagnosed with COVID-19?

Event Schedule

Date  Location Description  Ages 
FRIDAY, 10/9/20 Ruth Patrick Science Education Center Star Light Star Bright

Explore the stars you can see from your own backyard. Investigate our closest star the Sun. Does it move? What makes a shadow and how do shadows change over time?

  • Includes indoor classroom and planetarium program.
5yo - 7yo 
SATURDAY,  10/17/20 Ruth Patrick Science Education Center Wet and Wild

Students will investigate the wonderful world of water through macro-invertebrate collection at a local pond. In addition  students will take a scavenger hunt around the Nuthatch Trail (¾ mile) to look for answers to important questions in nature.

  • This program is conducted outdoors.
FRIDAY, 10/23/20 Hitchcock Woods

Fall Ecohike Adventures

What is an urban forest? Find out during this two-hour, two-mile guided hike through Hitchcock Woods. Identify native plants, find evidence of animal life and compare forest communities.

  • This program is conducted outdoors.
FRIDAY, 10/30/20 Ruth Patrick Science Education Center

Mission Possible: Wonders of Diversity

Immerse yourself in the diversity of the wonders in your own backyard and in space!

Become detectives, to figure out the species of animals in your own backyard while also setting out on a space mission. This is a wonderful journey of adventure and learning.

  • Includes a classroom and planetarium program.
  • Portions of this program are conducted outdoors.
8yo - 12yo
FRIDAY, 11/6/20 Ruth Patrick Science Education Center

Curious Creatures

Explore cold- and warm-blooded creatures native to our area. Interact with live owls, snakes, amphibians, insects while exploring the characteristics of each.

  • Includes indoor classroom programs.
5yo - 12yo
SATURDAY,  11/14/20 Silver Bluff Audubon Center

Adaptations and Habitats

Live and Taxidermy animals will be closely observed to determine their adaptations for survival in our local habitat.  In addition, two forest types will be assessed to determine which is better suited for local, threatened/endangered species.

  • This program is conducted outdoors.
FRIDAY, 11/20/20

Ruth Patrick Science Education Center


MASSive Minerals

Learn how to identify common minerals like malachite, amethyst, mica, pyrite, kaolin and copper on the basis of their properties using a field guide while also investigating measurement concepts of volume, weight and mass.

Sponsored in part by W.R. Grace Foundation.

  • Includes indoor classroom programs.
8yo - 12yo
SATURDAY,  12/5/20 Silver Bluff Audubon Center

Beginner Outdoor Hobbies: Birding101/Geocaching 101

An introduction to the world of birding is guaranteed to be exciting with some words of wisdom and then a hike with a seasoned veteran of the sport.  Also, a mini “GeoAdventure” at SBA will get you ready to spread your wings elsewhere in the sport of Geocaching!

  • This program is conducted outdoors.
FRIDAY, 12/11/20 Ruth Patrick Science Education Center

Investigate body systems. We will investigate what makes our body gross, yucky but oh so cool! Take a look inside and outside our bodily functions and even carry home your very own boogers!

  • Includes indoor classroom and planetarium program.