"Most companies today have a customer orientation. This implies that the company focuses its activities and products on customer needs. As such, the Marketing program at USCA is devoted to training our students to understand and solve consumer problems. Our goal is to help our students gain practical knowledge on how to segment and target customers, analyze consumer decisions, maximize customer value, develop unique brands, manage product lines, utilize distribution channels, and make effective advertising and promotion decisions.

Marketing is a diverse field, and our students come from diverse backgrounds and pursue varied professional careers. Thus, the Marketing faculty at USCA believe that our students constitute a valuable resource for one another. Our Marketing students interact frequently and closely with fellow students on a variety of projects, and we work to ensure that these interactions will be both intellectually stimulating and enjoyable. We also pride ourselves on maintaining a low student to faculty ratio and on knowing each of our students on a first-name basis. Just as marketers focus on customer needs, we focus on the needs of our own student 'customers' by preparing them to help shape the practice of marketing in the next decades."

- Dr. Richard Heiens
Walter F. O'Connell Palmetto Professor of Marketing

Current Degree Requirements: Marketing Standard

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