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Intern Profile: Allyson Newsome

allyson-newsome Allyson Newsome

Series highlights internship opportunities for USC Aiken students

Aiken, SC (05/04/2023) — Many USC Aiken students have the opportunity to gain experience in their chosen fields through internships with local companies. Allyson Newsome, a business major graduating in December, will serve as the marketing and communications intern for Aiken Electric Co-Op beginning May 8.

What motivated you to study business?

I arrived at USC Aiken undecided, but I knew I really liked working with social media and figured the marketing side of business might be my best bet. Digital marketing is the field that interests me the most.

What will your role with Aiken Electric Co-Op involve?

As marketing and communications intern, I will write for the company's South Carolina Living magazine, manage the newsletter, and help with photography, graphic design, event planning and development training.

How does this opportunity align with your career goals?

Eventually I would love a digital marketing opportunity that allows me to travel. This internship will allow me to gain experience in areas where I feel I need more training, such as with Adobe Photoshop, writing and photography. Being well-rounded will help me become a more valuable candidate in the future.

How were you chosen for the role?

Representatives from Aiken Electric Co-Op attended the career fair on campus, and I spoke with them there. Later, Career Services sent an email about the marketing intern opportunity. I applied through the website and was offered the job.

What else do you hope to gain from this experience?

I believe one of my weaknesses is talking to people. I'm hoping this experience will help me open up more and establish connections with people that can help with my career. It has already given me insight into things that happen behind the scenes in an organization. For instance, before this opportunity came up, I wasn't even aware that Aiken Electric Co-Op had a marketing department. It just shows that there are a lot of opportunities out there-we just have to find them.

What advice would you give other students seeking an internship?

I have noticed that many students are reluctant-or just don't want to take the time-to reach out to Career Services, but they should take advantage of this resource. Career Services helped me improve my resume and cover letter, which helped me get this position

What other experiences have helped prepare you for your future in marketing?

I serve as social media coordinator for Delight Ministries, a women's ministry that started on campus when I was a freshman. I previously served as president and secretary, and now I manage our social media, which helps build my resume for the digital marketing field.

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