Student Affairs Directory

Name Email Phone Office
Albrecht, JoyRegistered Nurse, Student Health Center 803-641-2840 SAC 106
Crawford, RebeccaAdministrative Assistant, Division of Student Affairs 803-641-3588 SAC 159
Dash, BiancaRegistered Nurse, Student Health Center 803-641-2840 SAC 106
Dille, ElizabethAssistant Director of Student Life - International Programs 803-641-3671 SAC 157
Gelinas, CindyDirector of Counseling, Student Health, and Disability Services 803-641-3609 B&E 126
Guy, HollyAssistant Director, Campus Recreation and Wellness 803-641-3734 B&E 020A
Nelson, KatelynAdministrative Assistant, Campus Recreation and Wellness 803-641-3667 B&E 020D
Lindler, CherylCounselor, Counseling Center 803-641-3609 B&E 126
Medders, ChristianAssistant Director of Student Life 803-641-3766 SAC 164
Nolan, KevinInterim Associate Director of Student Life 803-641-3611 SAC 156
Padgett, MilaDirector of Campus Recreation & Wellness 803-641-3230 B&E 023
Palmer, ClaudetteCoordinator of Disability Services 803-643-6815 B&E 134
Philbeck, RossAssistant Director Of Campus Recreation and Wellness 803-641-3782 SAC 163
Price, WoodyCoordinator of Fitness Programs & Services, Wellness Center 803-641-2853 B&E 020A
Robinson, SandraDisability Services Specialist 803-641-6816 B&E 129
Samaha, AhmedVice Chancellor of Student Affairs 803-641-3411 SAC 159B
Smith-Dunbar, HopeAssociate Director of Housing 803-641-3786 Pacer Commons Suite 3D
Townsend, DebbieAdmininstrative Assistant of the Student Health Center 803-641-2840 SAC 106
Welch, Mandi AskeyAdministrative Assistant for Student Life 803-641-3634 SAC 154
Wills, DeriDirector of Assessment and Special Projects 803-641-3787 CONVO
Spires, BradleyResident Director of Pacer Downs 803-641-3788 Pacer Downs Office
Kerr, KevinDirector of Housing and Residence Life 803-641-3246 Pacer Crossings Housing Central Office
Turner, LaTinaHousing Business Manager 803-641-3789 Pacer Crossings 130
Cullum, DanaCounselor and AOD Educator, Counseling Center 803-641-3609 B&E 126
Brown, HossAssistant Director of Student Life - Diversity Initiatives 803-641-3442 SAC 161
Davis, PaigeStudent Coordinator   SAC 157
Wehrmann, LacieAssistant Director of Student Life 803-641-3285 SAC 163
Porcher, CiliaNurse Practitioner 803-643-6706 SAC 109
Dixon, KathyRegistered Nurse 803-643-6756 SAC 106
Byars, Cassandra Counseling Center Administrative Assistant 803-641-3609 B&E 126
Copley, Madison Assistant Director of Pacer Crossings 803-644-2171 Pacer Crossings 113