Front Entrance of the SAC

COVID-19 Protocols

Student Health Center

Student Health Center Operations Protocol

  • No entry into SHC without an appointment made by phone call.
  • Phone number will be posted on the SHC door so students can call from hallway if they arrive without appointment. Prescreening by phone will occur before entry allowed.
  • For entry to waiting room, door will be opened by masked staff member.
  • Some appointments will be held by use of telemedicine via Teams using video or phone call; these determinations will be made by nursing staff.
  • Appointments will be scheduled at 20-min intervals to minimize wait time in waiting area
  • All SHC staff will have a minimum of a mask as PPE while in SHC. Masks will only be removed when staff is in their own personal office at their desk and the other person in office is 6-ft away or if they are alone in the break area.  Mask will be worn before entering or exciting personal office
  • Nurses will wear appropriate level of PPE at all times; mask as a minimum but N95 with mask on top when interacting with patients. This will allow for the N95 to be utilized for more than one day. Use, don and doffing of N95 will be per CDC guidelines.
  • Anyone entering SHC will be required to have a mask on.
  • Hand sanitizer available on entry to SHC and a dispenser is located outside on the wall of the Palmetto Room for use after exit.
  • Only patient will be allowed into waiting area; no more than 3 people/patients will be in waiting room at any given time
  • To maintain social distancing requirements, some seating will be removed and the remainder properly distanced
  • Admin is behind a closed window unless handing paperwork to student or allowing entry to waiting room. Admin will have face mask and shield available at all times and will wear anytime interacting with patient.
  • As many forms as possible will be managed electronically to reduce touching surfaces
  • When window open, 6ft min distance between admin and patient. Floor will have decal for patient to maintain appropriate distance
  • Paperwork and pen will be handed to student or left on window ledge for them to pick up. If student uses a facility pen, it will be wiped down or placed in “used pen” holder until it can be cleaned; Clipboards will be cleaned after each use (by admin)
  • Chairs, and other touch areas such as doorknobs, will be wiped down by nursing staff each time they call a patient back for treatment or by admin
  • Use of standard nursing and CDC protocols will be used for maintaining clean treatment rooms. If, for some reason, a COVID test is performed in a treatment room, that room will be cleaned afterwards using appropriate protocols and closed for 2-3 hours before it is re-used. 
  • If/when testing for COVID, all proper CDC/DHEC protocols will be used. Currently, we are developing a plan for testing outside the center.