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Get Involved!

There are many different ways to get involved at USC Aiken. Students can come to Get on Board Days, held each semester, to find out what student organizations have to offer. Also the Pacer Times and the Stall Wall Weekly publications publish information about when meetings and events are held. Posters are placed throughout campus announcing upcoming programs. You can go to any open club meeting or stop by the Student Life Office and talk to one of our helpful staff members.
We are here to help all students get the most out of college. For more information about any of the student life programs, please stop by the Student Life Office, call 803-641-3634, or email the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Life, Ahmed Samaha, at

Why Should You Get Involved?

There are many reasons why you should get involved while attending USC Aiken. First, it is an excellent way to develop important skills that are integral to being successful in the real world. Second, research shows that being involved can make one's college years more fulfilling. Students who are involved tend to be more successful in college and beyond. Third, it is a great way for students to expand their horizons and experience things they may never have the opportunity to experience again. Fourth , it looks good on a resume. Studies show that students who are involved tend to get better and higher paying jobs than non-involved students. Lastly, IT'S A LOT OF FUN! Being involved will make your college career much more memorable and meaningful. So, take advantage of what USCA's Student Life Office has to offer you!