Front Entrance of University Police headquarters

University Police

Ensuring a safe campus

At USC Aiken, the safety and well-being of our community members is always at the top of our agenda. A truly safe campus can be achieved only through the cooperation of all students, faculty, and staff. There are many people contributing to the safety and security of the campus. The majority of crimes on campus are crimes of opportunity. The willingness of students, faculty, and staff to secure their property and to report suspicious activity is essential to the prevention of thefts and other crimes.

The mission of the USC Aiken Police Department is to interact with and serve the campus community; protect life and property; to enforce the law; and to provide emergency medical first response to the campus community.

In this effort, police officers work with the campus community in a cooperative community policing effort to prevent crime from occurring and to respond and provide assistance to victims once crime has occurred.

Campus Map

Map of the USC Aiken campus


The USC Aiken Police Department is the primary agency responsible for policing property owned, operated, leased by, or under the control of USC Aiken. All officers are appointed and commissioned as State Constables by the Governor of the State of South Carolina and are certified by the SC Criminal Justice Academy. They are empowered to enforce the laws of South Carolina with statewide jurisdiction and arresting powers.


University Police is committed to providing professional services to the USCA community. Our police officers are State Constables and are certified with the state of South Carolina. Because the Department's effectiveness is largely dependent upon the assistance and cooperation of the University community, each officer and staff member strives to promote open communication and to maintain an atmosphere of courtesy, fairness, and concern.

Services/Crime Prevention

Uniformed officers provide services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. These services include emergency response to crimes in progress and life threatening incidents, foot patrol, bike patrol, escort services, and limited parking lot assistance (unlocking cars and providing jump starts). All officers are certified Medical First Responders.

University Police takes an active role in improving safety on campus. This is mainly accomplished through a proactive approach of educating students, faculty, and staff and increasing officer presence in the most active parts of campus. Presentations are offered throughout the year and cover many topics to include freshman concerns and safety, alcohol laws and safety, improving one's awareness, and the recent Congressional Acts that have been enacted to reduce incidents of domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking.

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It is the goal of the USC Aiken Police Department to provide to each of our community members the most effective service and protection within our means. It is important, therefore, that the community that we serve has faith in us and is aware of all that its police department has to offer.