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The Department of Chemistry and Physics offers an ACS certified Bachelor of Science Degree and Bachelor of Arts degree in chemistry. Students pursuing a major in chemistry will be exposed to all major areas of chemistry: Analytical, Biochemistry, Inorganic, Organic, and Physical.

Chemistry majors have access to a dedicated Facebook group exclusive to chemistry students.


BS in Chemistry:

The American Chemical Society approved BS Degree in Chemistry prepares students for a career in chemistry-related fields.  The BS degree is a rigorous program that provides training in each of the chemistry subdivisions: Analytical, Biochemistry, Inorganic, Organic, and Physical.  During the Senior year, all BS Chemistry students will complete a chemistry research project with one of the faculty in the department. Because chemistry is an increasingly interdisciplinary field, BS chemistry students can choose a concentration that further prepares them in one of these hybrid fields of chemistry:

Concentration in Engineering:  For students with an interest in engineering, this degree concentration gives chemistry students an engineering background that helps them to work in an environment where they would interaction with engineers of all types.  Students who choose this concentration take additional engineering and math courses.  This is not a degree in chemical engineering.

Concentration in Biochemistry:  For students who are interested in the biological applications of chemistry.  This concentration gives students a stronger background in advanced biology topics that will enrich their understanding of the topics covered in our general and advanced biochemistry courses.   Students who choose this concentration take additional biology courses.

Concentration in Computational Chemistry:  For students who are interested in learning the ways computer modeling can enhance our understanding of chemical and biochemical processes.  Students who choose this concentration take additional math and computer science classes.

Research Opportunities 

In addition to traditional coursework, a senior research project is required, which involves the student working closely with one of the faculty over a one year period. The end result of the program is a prepared student that is familiar with all areas of chemistry, able to work both independently and within groups, and able to communicate effectively.

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BA in Chemistry:

The BA Degree in Chemistry prepares students for further education in professional schools such as medical, dental, pharmacy, or veterinary. The BA degree allows for more flexibility than the BS Chemistry degree because some of the senior-level course requirements have been replaced with elective courses that can be used to satisfy prerequisites for professional school. The BA Chemistry degree program has also been designed in a way that a student can graduate in a total of three years, plus some summer classes.  The BA degree is not intended for students who want a job in the chemical industry or who want to attend graduate school.


Career Opportunities

The career paths chosen by chemistry alumni testify to the excellent preparation. Many have also continued their education by pursuing Ph.D. degrees in chemistry at graduate schools throughout the country.

You can find more information about career options by visiting What Can I Do With This Major?

USC Aiken Career Services offers numerous resources which provide more information about career opportunities for students in this major.

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