The Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in communication is a liberal arts degree designed to enhance understanding of communication processes and develop communication skills (oral, written and visual). Students majoring in communication examine communication processes in interpersonal, small group and public settings; within organizations and cultures, and in the mass media.

The degree program is designed to be flexible enough to provide the student with the necessary background to pursue graduate studies (including journalism, speech communication, student personnel services and law) or to pursue diverse professions in diverse areas, including media, business, social and human services, the ministry, education, government and politics. For students wishing a more specialized degree in Journalism, the first courses leading to that degree may be taken at USC Aiken in coordination with nationally-accredited School of Journalism and Mass Communications on the Columbia campus. The number of courses which can be taken at USC Aiken depends on the area of speciality: public relations, advertising, print journalism (newspapers and magazines), or electronic journalism (television and radio).

Technological Literacy in Communication

The Department of Communication covers the use of presentation software in COMM 241 and COMM 353. Students receive advanced work in visual communication computing in COMM 376 and COMM 476.

Degree Requirements

Applied Speech Communication Requirement

Students seeking a baccalaureate degree must complete an applied course in speech communication as part of the general education requirements. The following two courses are considered applied speech communication courses: COMM 201 and 241. Some majors may require a specific course, so students should consult the requirements for each major.

General Education Humanities Requirement

Certain communication classes will meet the General Education Humanities requirement. These classes are designated by the last two digits of the course number, and end in the 50’s and 60’s; for example, COMM 351, Persuasive Communication, will meet the requirement but COMM 385, Group Communication, will not.

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