Bachelor of Science in Earth Systems Science

Dr. Kelly Gibson, Faculty Contact

The Bachelor of Science in Earth Systems Science is designed to provide students with a broad range of coursework and research experiences that can be drawn upon to prepare students for a career in the geosciences, as well as graduate programs. B.S. students complete a cognate including upper level chemistry, physics, or biology.  Student may opt to complete a minor in the College of Sciences in lieu of a cognate. The Geology capstone (GEOL 499) and Senior Seminar (BIOL or GEOL 490) are requirements of this degree. 

Degree Requirements

The Bachelor of Science in Earth Systems Science includes a common general education curriculum and 44 hours of coursework in the major.

  • 2 semesters of introductory geology (GEOL A101 and A103) and 1 semester of introductory biology (BIOL A121)
  • 1 hydrosphere course (GEOL A301 or A401)
  • 1 atmosphere course (GEOL A303)
  • 1 lithosphere course (GEOL A325 or A331)
  • 1 biosphere course (GEOL A305 or A405)
  • 1 course in data acquisition (GEOL A305, A363, A405, A425, or A431)
  • 2 major elective courses (GEOL A300-500 level courses)
  • GEOL 499 and BIOL/GEOL A490
  • 12 hour cognate or minor, as determined by degree program

Complete degree requirements can viewed in the academic bulletins.

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