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Wellness Center & Natatorium

Campus Recreation & Wellness

The Wellness Center includes a large fitness area with cardiovascular equipment (bikes, rowers, treadmills, ski machines, elliptical cross trainers and stair steppers), selectorized and plate-loaded weight equipment, dumbbells and a 1/16 mile walking track. There is a studio with wall to wall mirrors, gymnasium, dry sauna, locker rooms, and an exercise physiology laboratory, as well as an instructional classroom. The facility is supervised by CPR trained staff.

The USC Aiken Natatorium is a six lane pool with attached locker room facilities.  It is attached to the Student Activities Building.

Membership to the Natatorium is included with any Wellness Center membership. 

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Things to Know Before Using Our Facilities and Programs

Masks are required to enter the facilities, anytime you are not exercising and if you are not able to socially distance during your workout. If the alert level for UofSC Aiken moves from Green into Yellow mask restrictions will change accordingly.

  • Green Alert Level: Masks are required to enter the facilities, anytime you are not exercising and if you are not able to socially distance during your workout without a mask. This means when you are within 6 feet you must have a mask on during that time period.
    • When in the strength training area
    • Spotting requires both individuals to wear a mask
    • Socializing on the fitness floor
  • Yellow Level: Masks are required for all activities except:
    • Cardiovascular training
    • HIIT or AMRAP training (high intensity)
    • Swimming
    • Select group fitness classes
    • All strength area workouts will need to be modified for everyone to remain 6 feet apart regardless of wearing a mask.

Examples include: While strength training; while spotting; while in the locker rooms; while gathering equipment; while socializing with friends.

Ask yourself these statements before you come to the Wellness Center and/or Natatorium

  • I am not, nor do not suspect that I may be, infected with the COVID-19 virus.
  • I have not had close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or contact with someone who is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.
  • I am not currently experiencing any COVID-19 consistent symptoms.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Facility Re-Opening

UofSC Aiken has a mandatory mask requirement inside all building on campus. We have been granted an exception when a person is participating in exercise and maintaining acceptable social distancing. If the social distancing is not adhered to, this policy may change to a mandatory mask requirement.

The staff working in the Wellness Center and Natatorium do not know if a person resides in the same household nor do any of the members working alongside of people in the facilities. At this point in time we ask that everyone abides by the 6 foot social distancing if you are not wearing a mask while working out.

In the situation a positive exposure COVID-19 case is discovered, having a record of individuals that are in the Wellness Center and/or Natatorium at a given time will be used for contract tracing.

  • Every person entering the facilities will be asked to pick up a personal disinfectant bottle to use before and after use of equipment.
  • Campus Rec and Wellness staff will clean all high touch surfaces continuously throughout the day.
  • Allegiance Housekeeping will deep clean the facilities once per day and also use an electromagnetic cleaning system weekly.

To mitigate the spread of COVID19, guests are not allowed at this time.

At this time, the blowing of air by the fans has the potential to spread the virus further in a given space. Since individuals are not required to wear masks at all times, the fans will be turned off to decrease this risk.

The capacity levels in each of these programs are limited. Having a reservation ensures that you have a spot in the class or in the pool.

If a person does not show up at the start time of the class or for the lane, if anyone is waiting to enter, your spot will be given away on a first come, first serve basis.

Equipment was moved throughout the facility to give 6-10 feet between each person exercising. Equipment should be left in the place you found it to maintain this distance.

Movable benches in the free weight area can be moved inside the racks but please return it to its original location.

Some equipment is “offline” for use to keep the spacing requirements between cardio pieces. Please do not change the signage on the pieces of equipment.

Restricted towel usage is part of the accelerateSC guidelines for reopening gyms. A personal towel can be brought into the facility to use while exercising.