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USC Aiken, in partnership with Clemson University, is excited to bring the Call Me MISTER Program to our School of Education. Consequently, we hope to fulfill the mission Call Me MISTER by:

      • Increasing the number of SC teachers from diverse backgrounds and experiences 
        Call Me MISTER™ (Mentors Instructing Students Toward Effective Role Models) aims to select and support future teachers from socioeconomically and culturally diverse communities.

      • Recruiting, retaining, and nurturing participants
        Call Me MISTER™ is a cohort model, emphasizing networking, leadership, camaraderie, and achievement under the guidance and support of adult advocates.

      • Building the talent pipeline across high need areas 

         Call Me MISTER™ recruits outstanding future educators for teaching certification in early childhood, elementary, middle level, and K-12 certification areas.



To apply to the Call Me MISTER program at USC Aiken, a teacher candidate must enroll as an education major in one of the following programs:  Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Middle Level Education, Special Education, or Music Education.

For information on the education majors offered at USC Aiken, please visit our Program of Study page.

Teacher candidate participants in the Call Me MISTER program are largely selected from under-served, socioeconomically and culturally diverse communities.



 √  Academic coaching
 √  Leadership training
 √  Mentor teachers
 √  Scholarship awards
 √  Professional Development


Contact Us

Monica Martin or Dr. Judy Beck

School of Education

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Application Procedure

March 27th: Application due to USC Aiken School of Education

Week of April 13th: Interviews at USC Aiken

Week of April 20th: Acceptance letters sent

June 22nd - June 26th: Mandatory orientation at Clemson University

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Call Me MISTER™ Teacher Candidate Vision Statement

"I am a dedicated Servant Leader who is perpetuating a sorely needed concept - Servant-Leaders as role models in elementary schools. I am devoted to planting seeds of dignity and respect in children and inspiring them to cultivate those seeds producing a crop of unprecedented success. I will teach reading, writing and arithmetic and progress to self-esteem, imagination and determination. Because of my immeasurable promise, not only have I earned your respect, I demand it! A title is only important if ones' character and integrity dictate its use. When you address me, please verbalize my destiny... please do not call me by my first name... call me in reference to my great vision... call me MISTER!"